October/November 2017

Dear Tate Woods Families,

Welcome to November (almost)!  The fall season is quickly passing and we are seeing more and more cold weather.  A few reminders as we continue to work together to help your children grow.


  • Please send a weather-appropriate jacket or coat with your child daily.
  • Please label all winter weather items with your child's name. 
  • During winter, children are allowed to leave snow boots and snow pants at school in their cubby.  If you want to pick up an extra pair of boots or pants, please send to school labeled with your child's name.
  • If your child has a fever or is throwing up, please keep them home.  Frequent hand washing and use of tissues helps limit the spread of germs.  Please encourage these habits at home and we will continue to do so at school.


As we move into November and December, please check the "Dates to Know..." section below.  We are excited to have so many wonderful activities occur at Tate Woods.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your child's classroom teacher or our office at 630-493-8050.  We are always happy to help.

Love and Hug One Another,

Mrs. Gosselink, Principal



Fall Parties:

Fall parties will be held on October 31st in the morning at Tate Woods.  We will have parties in the morning followed by lunch and then back to work in the afternoon.  Schiesher will host their parties in the afternoon.


9:45am - Costume parade begins (students exit at front or building, go down front sidewalk, around to back of building and back in - HINT: we start right at 9:45am, don't be late)

10-10:50am - Parties hosted by LEHSO

Information on costumes:

  • costumes should NOT include face paint, weapons, masks, "blood" or inappropriate sayings/content
  • students may wear their costumes to school OVER their clothes on 10-31-17
  • students should bring a bag to bring home their costume after they take it off 
  • keep costumes simple for school...we want to make sure we are able to help everyone with their costume as needed

  • Students should wear costumes that do not scare others.  We have such little ones here, we always have to be thoughtful of those things.

  • If your child needs a costume, please let us know.  We are happy to help.

 Other information:

  • Only parents who are approved volunteers may attend the room parties.  
  • Volunteers - please arrive no earlier than 9:30am for set up and check in at the main office for your name badge. 
  • ALL family members may attend the parade.  
  • Parking for the parade is available in the front lot and down the side streets west of Tate Woods.  Please DO NOT park in the bus lane in front of the school.  Thank you!
  • Fall parties are food-free events.  Water is served and games are played.
  • If your child will not participate in the costume parade or fall parties for any reason, please contact your classroom teacher and we will work with you to make alternate arrangements. 



Veteran's Day Family Reading Night

Join us on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm for our special Family Reading Night to celebrate Veteran's Day.

We will have a whole group read aloud and then a snack and craft time for families immediately following.  We will begin the evening in the Learning Center!

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Teaching and Learning:



Teachers incorporate real life problem solving and application during whole group investigations. Here are some quick tips to support learning at home.  

Look for opportunities to problem-solve. Grocery shopping and other routine situations provide many opportunities for mathematics. For example, asking your children to draw up a list of groceries needed for a camping trip can involve calculating days,meals, cost per meal, total cost, etc. Calculating the amount of paint needed to paint a child's bedroom or the weight and/or monetary value of candies collected on Halloween provide other examples of problem-solving activities.
Use open-ended questions to sustain math talk as long as possible. Math talk means talking about mathematical ideas and open-ended means being ready with questions that allow for multiple routes to solutions.Wonder out loud how much money you would have if  you had saved a dollar everyday since your child was born. Sustaining the talk as long as possible is the key.

ELA (English Language Arts)

Teachers are focused on setting individual reading and writing goals.  During workshop time,  specific feedback is provided to each student with goals communicated during weekly conferring. Students are able to self- reflect on their progress and practice targeted skills during independent choice reading.  


SEL(Social Emotional Learning)

Here is a great site with tips and ideas to support kids' social and emotional health. This month's focus is on perspective taking. This is an important skill taught in the the classroom to help students problems solve and work collaboratively with others.



Winter Information

Tate Woods students go outside as long as the wind chill/temperature is 0 degrees or above.  Please send proper clothing with your child, including coat, snow pants, boots, gloves and a hat.  


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please watch your child's backpack as well as your email for information on how to sign up for conferences.  We are excited to welcome you to Tate Woods and to discuss your child's progress.

Conference will take place:

Monday, November 20th, 3:30-8:30pm

Tuesday, November 21st, 8:00-11:00am

Dates to Know...


October 31st  -  Tate Woods Costume Parade, 9:45am at Tate Woods

October 31st  -  Tate Woods Fall Parties, 10am at Tate Woods

November 3rd - Early Dismissal @11:45am, Teacher Inservice

November 10th - End of 1st Trimester

November 17th - Report Cards Home

November 20th and 21st - Parent Teacher Conferences 

November 22nd -  Fall holiday break

November 27th. -  Return to school

December 6th - LEHSO Meeting @ Schiesher @ 6:45pm

December 14th - 1st Grade Musical at Lisle Jr. High Auditorium @ 7:00pm

December 21st - Tate Woods Winter parties

December 22nd - last day of school prior to winter break




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