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Lisle CUSD 202


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Advanced Chemistry Help

Hydrocarbons Unit Help (Chapter 22)

Chpt 22 vocab Overall Chapter 22 Quiz #2
Organic Chem Chpt 22 Overalll Quiz You Tube Organic Chem Guy (click on any and all of his videos!)
Power Point Section 22.1 Power Point Section 22.3
Power Point Section 22.2 Power Point Section 22.4


Functional Groups Unit Help (Chapter 23)

Chpt 23 (click on any of these that sound interesting!) Nomenclature Practice #2 (click on grp you want)
Chpt 23 nomenclature quiz Chpt 23 vocab
Chpt 23 nomenclature practice Overall Chapter 23 Quiz
Power Point Section 23.1 Power Point Section 23.3 (skip red/ox part)  
Power Point Section 23.2 Power Point Section 23.4  
Infrared Spectroscopy overview UV Spectroscopy overview  
NMR overview Silly Functional Grp video (for review)  


Biochemistry Unit Help (Chapter 24)

Carbohydrates Tutorial Kreb's Cycle
Lipids Tutorial Glycol/Kreb's/ox phosp College Notes
Proteins Tutorial Chpt 24 vocab
ATP as Molecule of the Month! Chapter 24 Overall Quiz
DNA Making Amino Acids Animation of DNA transcription
More DNA Animations (and others too!) Protein Origami activity

My Protein Power Point Lecture

Nanotech Web-Quest

My Nanotech Presentation from Class


Methods of Separation Unit Help

Extraction Principles Column Chromatography Principles
Distillation Principles Paper Chromatography Principles
Recrystallization Video Distillation Video
Extraction Video Lab Techniques Videos (many to select from!)
Recrystallization Principles