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Illinois State Scholars

Illinois State Scholars 2011-12

The Illinois State Scholar Program identifies those high school seniors who possess superior academic potential.  Each student named a State Scholar receives a Certificate of Merit from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.  Besides receiving statewide recognition from the various news media in the state, the names of the State Scholars are given by the Commission to the colleges and universities in Illinois.  The distinct honor of being named a State Scholar is further highlighted by the fact that many colleges and universities actively seek the State Scholar for admission.  Students are named State Scholars on the basis of their ACT, SAT and/or Prairie State Achievement Test scores and class rank at the end of their junior year.  


  1. Azfar Ali
  2. Khatereh Behrokh
  3. Kellie Brennan
  4. Emma Buchholz
  5. Cassandra Croy
  6. Robert Dean
  7. Nicole Dwyer
  8. Rebekah Fuys
  9. Jacob Haseltine
  10. Raha Hosseini
  11. Matthias Howell
  12. Connor Liss
  13. Amanda Mocarski
  14. Samantha Mocarski
  15. Nicholas Olson
  16. Joseph Pantaleo
  17. Andrew Populorum
  18. Nicole Puccini
  19. Sara Ruthberg
  20. Dylan Sinn
  21. James Siwik
  22. Stephen Sutton
  23. Ryan Twaddle
  24. Anita Urban
  25. Patrick Webb
  26. Matthew Wenzel


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