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Welcome! Welcome! To the 2nd Annual Lisle Hunger Games

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4fbb60459e2d4 Holly....District 5
Holly....District 5

For the past couple weeks, the 7th grade literature classes have truly caught fire with The Hunger Games.  Not only are they reading the novel in class, but they are living it.  The novel takes place in a futuristic country called Panem where 12 districts must offer up one boy and one girl to fight to the death in a televised arena.  The rationale behind this madness is a dystopian Capitol who rules over all with fear and punishment. 

In order to better

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4fbb60459e2d4Emma Melendez and Anna Trzeciak...District 10
Erin Spangler and Annica Lao....District 4
Emma Melendez and Anna Trzeciak...District 10

understand the climate and stakes of this dystopian society, the students took part in a Reaping (a ceremony wherein one boy and girl are chosen to represent each district simply based on pulling a name out of a fishbowl).  Once selected, our tributes (students) followed the plot of the characters in the novel by actually living the process themselves. 

The students were “remade” and “styled” to match their district’s customs as a way to earn the favor of the Capitol members.  They were then interviewed by our Capitol representatives on topics ranging from survival skills and strategies to possible love interests.  All of this built up to the actual event – the 2nd Annual Hunger Games at LJHS.

The games consist of Hunger Games trivia, survival know-how, puzzle solving abilities and social skills.  The students are eliminated in each challenge until we have a sole victor.  Like in the book, the victor receives all the glory and prizes for surviving this ordeal. 

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4fbb60459e2d4Scott Szabo / Victor....District 10
Mya Manns and Katie Yau....District 3
Scott Szabo / Victor....District 10

Along the way, however, all students are exposed to how corruption and violence influence decisions, governments and virtue.  They are also made aware of the reality behind reality television and what it truly means to be a bystander.  All in all, the students learn, much like Katniss, there are some games that are just not meant to be played.


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