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School/Business Partnerships

Lisle School District is currently working with the Lisle Chamber of Commerce to provide a Business Education Partnership program for our students.  Here are some frequently asked questions that help to explain this opportunity.

What do you mean by….. Business Education Partnerships

Remember when… you were six years old and decided you wanted to be a dancer, a firefighter, or a veterinarian?

Lucky for you, perhaps, that not too many years later you found out you had no rhythm, you were terrified of heights, and even the thought of blood made you queasy.

That is what the Business Education Partnerships provide – the benefit of knowing that a specific career was or was not for you.

What is Business Education Partnerships?

Our Business Education Partnership program is designed to help local high school students, who are now beginning to think seriously about what they want to do with their lives.  Their vision may not be as naïve as that of a six-year-old, but they need help sorting out the expectations, requirements and payoffs, both financial and emotional, of their career opportunities.  In short, they need a dose of reality.

The Business Education Partnerships program relies on our parents and business community to help these students gain the insight they need to make an educated choice about their careers.  We envision initial involvement to include presentations to selected groups of students who are thinking about a specific career.  If there is continued interest, this could lead to site visits to your company, job shadowing, mentoring or internships.

Objectives (purpose)

*        Promoting programs and curricular experiences to involve schools, businesses and  communities to work together for the benefit of all.

*        Provide opportunities for businesses to become actively involved in education for school- to-career programs.

*        Serving as a liaison between the business, community and the school district.

*         To encourage the staff to become actively involved in business and community partnerships and activities.

*         To develop a communication structure to exchange an understanding of each other’s needs, requirements, limitations, and responsibilities.




It’s a dose of reality.  We ask that speakers come to the school and give students a realistic idea of what they can expect from the career they are considering.  For example:

*         What kind of education will they need?

*         What are the opportunities like?

*        What kinds of personalities are most suited to this profession?

*        What do you really do all day?

*        What are the drawbacks?

*       What range of pay can they expect?

*         Once they have chosen a career, what should they do to advance?

These realistic presentations from business people who are among the “cream of the crop” in the business community will provide immeasurable input to young people before they make commitments to major fields of study.

Site Visits

A teacher or counselor will accompany a group of students (ranging from six to 25, depending upon interest and accommodations) to a business site for the purpose of career exploration.

We ask that tours include time to give students a general overview of the types of jobs available and requirements to fill these positions.  Students may also want to know what kind of environment they can expect to work in; typical hierarchy within a company; and what type of equipment they may be required to use.


If you have any interest in participating in this program call LSHS at (630) 493-8300 or our Chamber Business Partnership Chair, Mary Morrissey, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP (630) 505-0010.

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