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8th Grade Life Science

"The desire to excel is the hallmark for sucess!"




2012 Science Fair Timeline


             August 27           Science Fair –Introduction letter, Review the Scientific Method PowerPoint Presentation, Information packet-Mission Possible, Start Generating a list of project topics.


              August 28, 29           LJHS LRC – Topic Exploration/Research days,

                                                Assignment #1 due Friday Aug. 31st

              September 6              Project Title, hypothesis and objective due.

             September 10           Design YourExperiment   packet. Information regarding

                                               The Control; the Variable; measuring in metric; Taking photos; Organizing the Research Paper.


                September 12           Research (Review of Literature) Topic due


                September 17             LRC research on review of Literature


                September 21           Control/variable explanation due. Start running Trials of your experiment and recording your data this weekend!!!


             October 2                 Introduction Paragraph  of Review of Literature due.


             October 10                Science Fair Materials list and Procedural Steps due


             October 18                Discuss the 5 C’s (i.e.-color) to a good Display Board


             October 19                Mini Science Fair in Class


              October 22               Discuss Science Fair score sheet. Project site numbers assigned.

              November 1               Science Fair set-up  letter-in class.


              November 2                Science Fair Night Friday November 2, 5:30 pm-7:00pm

                                                 Set up Completed Projects in Lunchroom Commons

                                                 All projects are to be set up Friday night to be on time!!

             Novemeber 3,4,            Project Judging


              November 5              Take Home Science Fair Projects after school!




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