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A Welcome from the Choral Department

Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!



A new year brings new possibilities and it’s something I look forward to every August.  I appreciate the opportunity to teach my students more about music and hear them perform.   I anticipate learning who has taken the opportunity to express humanness and emotion through the creation and performance of music.  It is truly an amazing way to connect with others. 


We began planning in August for the Concert/Picnic which will be held on September 29th at the high school.  Your students will be bringing home more information about this performance soon.  This event involves choir students from grades 4 – 12 and their families.  It is a terrific way to “meet and greet” students, teachers, and families and culminates with all the children performing and having a great time.   I personally like hearing our young musicians in the 4th and 5th grade.  They certainly have “heart”!  The junior high and high school choirs also bring a tremendous enthusiasm and musical understanding to their performances.  In class we talk about the poetry of lyrics and what the composer or lyricist was trying to convey.  We use the specific language of music including dynamics, tempo, and rhythm to help students learn how to make music, or to be musical. 


Many of you attended Open House and volunteered for various committees.  Thank you to all of you and I hope others will be able to find a place in our organization so that we support children in their quest to be musical.  In the end, helping children learn to be proud of their efforts because of hard work and learn to be poised in front of an audience is as important as the music itself.  It is this aspect of musical performance that becomes part of their life-long learning and translates into all other disciplines. 


In the next couple of weeks students will be fitted for their robes.  We talked in class about the importance of “concert demeanor” which includes how we look at performances.  From the moment we step onto the stage until we leave we are performing.  Please check to see that your child has black concert pants and black concert shoes.  This “sameness” of attire shows that we are a team, not individuals, and we function well that way.  We learn to rely on each other for support and learn about teaming, also skills that are vital in today’s workplace. 


I look forward to the performances of all my choirs this year.  Already I hear wonderful music coming from the students and it’s still early!  I hope to see all of you at concerts since it is really very important to your children that you’re there. 


Thank you to the LCPO Board for their work and to all of our parents who support the endeavors of their children.




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