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Science Olympiad

This past Saturday, our Science Olympiad team hosted and competed in the Lisle Invitational Competition, held at Lisle Senior High School.  Nearly three hundred 6th, 7th and 8th graders from 13 schools across Illinois, Indiana and Iowa converged on Lisle to compete in twenty-three different science events throughout the day. 


Many thanks go out to the scores of parent and high school student volunteers we had working to make the day go as smoothly as it did.  In particular, we would like to thank:

  • Ms. Andie Tarasewicz, Ms. Jennifer Kfoury and Ms. Kari Altpeter for being in charge of food and concessions
  • Ms. Anne Blaeske and Ms. Amy Narot for running our scoring room and headquarters
  • Ms. Deb Marks, Ms. Erika Scherer and Ms. Lisa Kiener for organizing the awards ceremony and photo slide show
  • Mr. Andrew Sergeant for serving as our tech guru all day
  • Mr. Tom Trzeciak and Ms. April Sonnefeldt for running events (Mousetrap Vehicle and Anatomy)
  • Lisle High School Seniors Kate Behrokh and Ryan Twaddle for serving as coaches for our Lisle Science Olympiad teams throughout the day


Lisle Junior High had a varsity team and two JV teams compete, and twenty-nine of our fifty-five team members came home with medals in one or more of their events.


3rd place JV medals went to:

  • Sophie Barnett and Olivia Mullas in Anatomy
  • Anna Trzeciak and Aniliza May in Dynamic Planet
  • Taryn Haldeman and Anna Trzeciak in Forestry
  • Bich-Nhi Pham and Maria Ortiz in Reach for the Stars

2nd place JV medals went to:

  • Melody Gentle and Drew Sonnefeldt in Disease Detectives
  • Blake Srail, Cheyenne Gentle and Melody Gentle in Experimental Design
  • Jackie Grecco and Katie Yau in Food Science


1st place JV medals went to:

  • Kaela Khan and Cole Faulstich in Food Science
  • Nathan Woltmann and Collin Walker in Meteorology
  • Anna Trzeciak and Blake Srail in Road Scholar
  • Docia Jarecki, Carolynn Keleher and Cole Faulstich in Mission Possible


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Our Varsity team also did quite well!


Sam Tarasewicz and Peter Kfoury finished 4th in Towers.


3rd place Varsity medals went to:

  • Mathew Sebastian and OlivEr Phreykz in Compute This
  • Rishab Hanjagimutt and Andy Sima in Dynamic Planet
  • Andy Sima and Rishab Hanjagimutt in Forestry
  • Benji Salzberg and Ani May in Mousetrap Vehicle
  • Emma Melendez and Sydney Narot in Write It Do It


2nd place Varsity medals went to:

  • Andy Sima and Mathew Sebastian in Disease Detectives
  • Rishab Hanjagimutt and Peter Kfoury in Storm the Castle


Mathew Sebastian and Monisha Mundluru took first place in Varsity Microbe Mission.

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Ms. Keigher & Ms. Blatchley would like to thank all of our team members for being so welcoming to students from other schools, and for having such great school spirit.  It is clear that our entire Lisle Science Olympiad community – team members, parents, event supervisors and high school volunteers – had fun and did their best!


Thanks for the amazing day!


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