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Math Students Take AMC Test

On February 7, 2012, selected Lisle High School math students competed in the very tough American Mathematics Contest test.  Because guessing is discouraged, a wrong answer loses points, while a blank answer is worth 1.5 points.  A correct answer is worth 6 points. The top three students in each test are:

AMC12 (juniors and seniors)

Nick Olson 85.5 points, Ryan Twaddle  84 points, and Megan Patterson 78 points.

AMC10 (freshman and sophomores)

Ryan Zurek 87 points, Ian Parks 84 points, and Macklin Allen 82.5 points.


Other freshman and sophomores students taking the test were:  Sierra Birdsell, William Bylstone, Jefferson Chan, Andrew Frank, Samaneh Ghassemi, Melanie Holland, Charlie Jansen, David Keleher, Emily Mandel, Amanda Marach, Scott, Provenzano, Leah Reeves, Alexander Saddler, Maxwell Tarasewicz, Kimberly White, and Katherine Young.

Other junior and senior students taking the test were:  Azfar Ali, Joel Chettupally, Robert Dean, Phil Fujiwara, Becky Fuys, Karina Galvez, David Hannan, Jake Haseltine, Raha Hosseini, Ty Howel, Maggie Jansen, Rachel Jennings, Thomas Mandel, Amanda Mocarski, Samantha Mocarski, Andrew Mogensen, Angie Ngo, Andrew Populorum, Ben Schwarz, Dylan Sinn, Elizabeth Sullivan, Abby Tarasewicz, Matt Wenzel, Christine Young, and  Ashleigh Zurek.

Nick Olson                    Ryan Twaddle              Macklin Allen          Ryan Zurek

1st Place                      2nd Place                    3rd Place                1st Place

Jr.- Sr. Level                  Jr.- Sr. Level                Fr - So - Level          Fr - So - Level

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