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Biology Jeopardy Reviews

jeopardy 1 Jeopardy 2 jeopardy 3 Jeopardy 4 read more

Regular Biology Cell Transport Labs

Lab #2 Passive Transport Lab #1 Diffusion read more

Biology: Cell Webquest

Cell Webquest   read more


Stream Land management   read more

Washing Hands Data 2nd Period

2nd Hour Data read more

BIO Washing Hands Lab 6th Period

6th period Data read more

APES Final Exam Review

Review Guide read more

Lisle High School Energy Consumption Info

Assessment Utility Bills read more

Green School Project

Green School Project read more

APES: Energy Pyramid

Energy Pyramid read more

energy links

energy links read more

Methane Digestor Links

The in class essay involves the use of methane digestors for energy. These links should give you some background. read more

Renewables Whats NEW?

renewables- Due Friday-end of class read more

APES Calendar April 4-12th

Welcome Back: Here is what is going on in APES this week.

April 4th calendar read more

APES: Electric Bill Assignment

Homework April 4th read more

APES: Sample Electric Bill

sample bill read more

Electricity PowerPoint

PowrPoint Notes from Monday April 4th Monday in Class Handouts read more


Energy Use Calculations Electricity Myths and Saving Ideas. Sample Graph   read more

Solid and hazardous Waste

Waste Assignment read more

Pollution Mega-Assignment

this assignment is due Tuesday Match 15th. It is worth 30 points. There will be a multiple choice ttest on pollution on March 15th.

Pollutant Assignments read more

Air Pollution

Air Pollution read more


toxicology helpline read more


diseases read more

APES: Toxins Chart

Toxins Chart read more

Adv Bio Osmosis Lab Class Data

Osmosis Data read more

Local Case Study

Lockformer read more

Chp 20 case Studies

20 Case Studies read more

Fishing Game and more water stuff

fishing game read more

Water Quality Reports

Water Quality Reports     read more

APES: Chp 12 Tradeoffs

Chp 12 Trade-offs read more

Stem Cell Webquest

stem cells read more

APES: Peticide Pro's and Con's

Pesticide Questions read more

Advanced Biology Stem Cell Project

Stem Cell     read more

APES Book Report

Book Report Due Jan 10th read more

APES: Final Exam Topcis

Topics for Fall Final read more

Apes Chp 11 Case Studies

Case Studies Chp 11 read more

APES: Chp 10 Powerpoint

Miller Chp 10 (PowerPoint)   Chp 10 Summary (Word) read more

Adv. Bio- Inner Fish Part 2

Shubin Part Two Questions read more

Advanced Bio: Inner Fish Part One

Innerfish Part One read more

APES: Public Lands Assignments

Public Lands Overview Public Lands Designations Public Lands Assignment Public Lands Project read more

Shubin Tracks

Track One Track Two Track Three Track Four Track 5 Track 6 Track 7 Track 8 Track 9 Track 10 track 11 Track 12 Track 13     read more

APES: Case Studies Chp 9

Chp 9 Case Studies   Chp 9 Essay read more

APES: Chp 7 and 8 Test Questions for Corrections (7th Hour)

chp 7 and 8 test (7th hour) read more

3rd hour Purpose/hypthesis/procedure

3rd hour purpose hypothesis read more

7th Hour Marsh Data

class data read more

3rd period marsh Data

3rd period marsh sampling data   Map     read more

Conclusion Questions for Marsh Lab

Conclusion Questions read more

7th period map

map by pj read more

Apes: Measuring Biodiversity

Measuring Biodiversity read more

Biodiversity Opinions

There are many opinions on why we should or should not worry about preserving bio-diversity.  read the following opinions in the link.  Decide which is most like your own opinion.  Write down 3-5 talking points for discussion . . . read more

The Sixth Extinction

Sixth Extinctinion Read read more

Aquatic Biodiversity PowerPoint

Aquatic Ecosystems read more

Chp 7 and 8 Essays

Essays read more

Freshwater Web Assignment

please complete an email to me by Tuesday nov 2

Freshwater Web Activity read more

APES: Climate Terms Map

Climate terms map read more

Chapter Seven Practice Quiz

Take Quiz by Wednesday Oct 27

Link to Practice Quiz read more

Land Biome Organizer

Land Biomes read more

Treehaven Impact Questions

Treehaven Reflection Questions   Please email these ASAP.  Thanks for an awesome trip! read more

Apes Evolution Video Assignment

Arms Race Activity read more

Chapter Four Quiz

Your quiz awaits you.   Test Correction Form read more

APES Succession Assignments

Succession Assignment read more

APES: Treehaven Stay Home assignments

Stream Ecosystem management Stream Management Macroinvertebrate Key Tree Key   Tree I.D. Terms   read more

Chp 4 Resources

Chp 4 PowerPoint Chp 4 Outline     read more

APES: Soil Activity

Soil Questions   read more

APES: Test Correction Form

Test Corrections read more


Miller Chp 3 Outline read more

Chp 2-3 TEST Essay Q's

Essays   Click on links to get essays. You will only have to answer one. read more

Talkin Trash

Part 1 Part 2 Class Data read more

APES: Population Activity

Human Population Activity read more

Notetaking Strategies

Double Entry Journal                   read more


Flinn Safety Contract read more

APES Day One:Discussion

Day One Discussion Questions read more

Advanced Biology

Syllabus         Targets Week 1 DNA Extraction       Targets Week 2 /3         Targets Week 4   . . . read more

APES: A Land Ethic

Read Article and Answer Questions to be turned in electronically.

A Land Ethic Aldo Leopold Video Clip read more

APES: The Lorax


APES: Tragedy of the Commons

read the article and answer questions to be turned in electronically

Tragedy of the Commons TOTC Fishing Simulation   read more

AP Environmental Science General Info

Click here for Important Introductory Info

College Board Course Outline Parent Contact Sheet Important Websites read more

APES Book Report

Book List  Book Report Rubric read more

Miller Power Points

click Slideshows for each chapter

Chapter One Chapter Two   read more

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