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The Social Studies Department

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45b68a842ed4e Mt. Lislemore. A former student's take on the Social Studies department at Lisle High School.
Mt. Lislemore. A former student's take on the Social Studies department at Lisle High School.

Studying the human condition.

Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Lisle District 202 Social Studies Department to utilize our curriculum to provide students with tools to be good citizens, neighbors, and members of society.  We will accomplish this by providing students with the skills to study our disciplines as well as by providing methods to become accomplished critical thinkers, decision makers, and life-long learners.  We will provide our students with an ample body of information related to our disciplines, but we also want students to understand that what they learn isn't as important as what they do to achieve that learning and what they do with that knowledge.

    We as Social Studies teachers will strive to refine our methods, work together to coordinate curriculum and general learning philosophies, and stay informed regarding best practices and pedagogical innovation.


High School Social Studies Power Standards

Freshmen Level Power Standards

1.      Compare characteristics of culture.

2.      Understand events, trends individuals and movements shaping the history of nations.

3.      Understand that scarcity necessitates choices.

Junior Level Power Standards

1.      Apply the skills of historical analysis, interpretation, and critical evaluation.

2.      Understand the American political system.

3.      Understand the role that economics has played in positioning the United States in the world.

4.      Understand the diversity of the United States culture and how it has evolved.

5.      Understand geography and the effects of geography on United States history.


Senior Level Power Standards

1.      Understand the political systems of Illinois and the United States.2.      Develop the ability to work with others to achieve goals.

3.    Understand and develop the individual as an effective citizen in the United States.



Teachers Contact Info
Bruce Howell

Jeff Javior

John Davis

Michelle Wallenberg









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