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                                   Course and Contact Information


                                                Mr. David Dybeck

           Language Arts/Literature/Exploring Reading Instructor             




                                             Eighth Grade Language Arts

Eighth Grade Language Arts Syllabus

Course Description:

This course is designed for further review and reinforcement of mechanics, sentence structure and construction, word functions, and usage.  Application of these language skills are further developed through the use of narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory writing.  Students are also introduced to research skills which culminate in the writing of a research paper or oral presentation, where the use of clear reasoning and support using relevant evidence is required.  Students are placed according to ability.


Grades are based on the total-point system.  Each assignment is given a point value based on the difficulty and importance of the assignment.  Students are subjected to the following grade scale:

Percent            Grade Earned

93-100                        A

85-92                          B 

75-84                          C

67-74                          D

66 and Below             F 

Vocabulary Policy:

Vocabulary is a bi-weekly assignment that can be completed in-class.  As a result, failure to complete these assignments will result in ZERO credit.  However, upon the student's request by 8 A.M. Monday morning following the late assignment, he or she will be placed on BEARS in order to receive *BEARS credit toward the assigned unit(s).  Grades will be determined by the Lisle Junior High School's late work policy.  Any work not completed by the closing of the quarter will remain at ZERO credit.

*In order for a student to receive BEARS credit he or she must complete the late assignment prior to class completion of current unit.  For example, any missing work from unit 1 must be completed at BEARS prior to the completion of unit 2.  Work not completed in this time frame remains zero credit.

Required Materials:


Language Arts textbook

Grading utensil (legible color other than blue/black)

Blue/Black pens or pencils   


Language Arts News!

Eighth grade language arts students are currently working on their 1960's research project.  The purpose of the project is to help students develop and use essential academic research skills.  Students will be required to find and narrow a topic to a research question, evaluate sources, take notes, produce a title page, outline, works cited, and prepare a formal, oral presentation with visual aid.  PRESENTATIONS BEGIN ON TUESDAY, MARCH 10.

Don't forget to review your vocabulary.  All eighth grade vocabulary words/units can be found at www.quizlet.com/lisle202.   


                                               Eighth Grade Literature

Eighth Grade Literature Syllabus

Course Description:

This course further emphasizes literary techniques and the appreciation for literature.  The course work includes the study of the short story, poetry, drama, the novel as an element of interdisciplinary studies, and independent silent reading.  Literary elements and techniques, writing styles and specific genre (such as fantasy and science fiction, mystery, and non-fiction) are essential elements of the curriculum.  Students are placed according to ability.

SSR Requirements:

Students are required to have independent reading novels daily.  They will be allotted approximately ten minutes each class period to read on their own.  They will receive points for having their book and reading during the time they are given in class.  They will also be required to complete quarterly SSR projects, the specifics of which will be discussed in class and are subject to change.  Students are encouraged to read outside of class in order to complete assignments.


Grades are based on the total-point system.  Each assignment is given a point value based on the difficulty and importance of the assignment.  Grades are based on a percentage of total points each quarter.  Students are subjected to the following grade scale:

Percent                Grade Earned

93-100                            A

85-92                              B

75-84                             C

67-74                             D

66 and Below                 F

Required Materials:


Literature textbook and assigned novels

Blue/Black pens or pencils

Independent reading book of your child's choice (2 per quarter)


Literature News!  

Eighth grade literature students will soon be introduced to the novel No Promises in the Wind.  This novel along with other interdisciplinary activities will be used to examine the historical significance of the Great Depression.  

Google Classroom Codes:

Literature Period 3  a8vjf5y

Literature Period 6  pgqfhi1                                      


                                          Eighth Grade Exploring Reading

Eighth Grade Exploring Reading Syllabus

Course Description:

This course is designed for students who need to further develop their reading skills.  Students are provided with reading instruction to meet their specific needs.  This course will use a research-based reading intervention program entitled Soar to Success that will help students learn to apply comprehension strategies across the curriculum.  Students will read authentic literature, participate in reciprocal teaching, and create graphic organizers to accelerate reading growth.  In addition to comprehension strategies, this course will also focus on vocabulary development and improving reading fluency.


Since this course is used in conjunction with language arts and literature classes there will be no additional homework.  All work will be completed in class and all materials for this course will stay in the classroom.  Due to the nature of the course, a final letter grade will not be assigned.  A Pass/Fail grading system will be used based on in-class work and class participation.

Required Materials:


Blue/Black pens

Independent reading book of your child's choice
















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