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Follow the White Rabbit...

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Don't be late.

It's time for TEAching

                       Jason Smid

                                                                                    7th Grade

Language Arts/ Literature / French

                                                                   CoNtaCt iNFo:

                                                       PhoNe NuMBeR: 630.493.8221

                                                           e-MaiL: jsmid@lisle202.org


Use your book and resources ON-LINE!! (Click book below)



                            Language Arts Period 1 & 2       

                                                               "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" ~ The Hatter

Course Overview:Language Arts 

   =====> Daily Global Grammar

In Language Arts, we try to start every day with a DGG.  Instead of correcting sentences, we correct the mistakes around us: poorly constructed sentences on signs, barely slang billboards, ghastly spelling on blog posts and unfortunate usage misuse.  Students can receive 1 extra credit point for each mistake they find around them.  They must take a photo of the mistake and turn a copy of it into me to count.  I will take these mistakes and use them for our DGG and for our wall of misuse.  

             =====> If you like grammar mistakes, you'll love this book: Poor Grammar

=====> Vocabulary Review

Extra Credit Opportunity: Students may sign up to complete a Unit Review PowerPoint or Jeopardy game for each of the vocabulary words.  The PowerPoint is due the Wednesday before the Unit test so that we can make sure it works and has the correct information.  The student will present his/her project to the class on Thursday, and we take the Unit test on Friday.  Students are only allowed to sign up for one Unit.




*SEMI-FINAL!!! Period 1: https://docs.google.com/a/lisle202.org/forms/d/13KGiZICAysHLq5ljjIn2d5k01s2j37Ri0Xso_Cmsv5c/viewform

Round 3 - Period 2: https://docs.google.com/a/lisle202.org/forms/d/1H1gA1LucH-3DwBgGBtFZBttX_C54-vPisWTeCPwhOxg/viewform

Notes on Writing:




                            Literature Period 5  & 8                

                            "What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?" ~ Alice

Course Overview:AT Literature Syllabus

Course Overview: 

                          ======>Silent Sustained Reading Logs

   - Students are required to read 2 books each quarter.  After they have read a book, they are asked to fill out a review and Beat of my Book sheet.  These sheets are found on the classroom board.


                         ======>Accessing your on-line Literature Book

   - McDougal Littell Literature (Red Book) *New Code Included


                        ======>Poetry and Prose Terms

Poetry      Prose Page 1     Prose Page 2      Prose Page 3     Prose Page 4


                      ======>He did a lazy sway...

"Weary Blues" Songs

                         ======>O. Henry

A Retrieved Reformation

Other Short Stories



                       ======>Dive into the Titanic

---WebQuest Links---



                      ======>Fight in the Arena



                                        "Perhaps it doesn't understand English," thought Alice. 

                                        "I daresay it's a French mouse, come over with William the

                                         Conqueror." ~ Alice


French Syllabus

Nos Couleurs

      Paris, France          Montreal, Canada          Martinique                 French Alps



Online Dictionary


 Fr-Eng Dictionary

French Grammar


Tex's  French Grammar

French Radio


radio francaise



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