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Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." Epictetus


Mrs. Kelli Nelson

Language Arts & Literature/English Deaprtment Head



Language Arts Syllabus

Literature Syllabus


Language Arts


Language Arts

Language Arts Curriculum (Average) click here for detailed course descriptions. For language arts classroom rules and guidelines, please click here.

Language Arts Handouts, Guidelines, and Other Important Information

Sixth grade students will be introduced to the Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots series by Prestwick House. Students will complete one lesson over a two week period.  At the conclusion of the two week period, all sixth grade students will take a spelling test and vocabulary test.   

  • Vocabulary is an in-class assignment and will not be accepted late.  Failure to produce this assignment will result in zero credit. However, upon the student’s request by AM the Monday morning following the late assignment, he or she will be referred to B.E.A.R.S. in order to receive partial credit toward the assigned unit. Grades will be determined by the Lisle Junior High School’s late work policy. Any work not completed by the closing of the quarter will remain at ZERO credit

    *Please note: In order for a student to receive B.E.A.R.S. credit he or she must complete the late assignment prior to class completion of current unit. For example, any missing work from unit 1 must be completed at B.E.A.R.S. prior to the completion of unit 2.  Work not completed in this time frame remains zero credit.

Below are the writing guidelines for all sixth-grade students.  Written assignments will not be accepted unless they meet the below criteria.  

Example Paragraph and Description

Example Student Paragraph

Monthly Class Schedule

*Please note that information and assignments may change without prior notice.

August - Dictionary Skills, Informational writing      January - The Adjective, Descriptive and Narrative Writing 
September - Vocabulary, Greek and Latin Roots, Subjects and Predicates February - The Verb, Argument Writing
October - The Sentence, Agreement March - Argument Writing, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections
November - The Noun, The Pronoun April - Capitalization, Punctuation - Newspaper Assessment
December - The Noun, The Pronoun May -  Student Treasures Picture Book Assessment

StudenTreasures® Picture Book Assessment 

All sixth-grade students will be working to create a picture book.  Below is informational material about the project.  Please note that this project is worth 150 points.  Students who fail to complete the assignment by TBD, will not have their stories sent out for publishing.  Their grade will also be severely affected. 


  Story Outlines  

Picture Book Outlines - Examples

Examples can be located at


4th Quarter Language Arts Projects


Dictionary Project Newspaper Project School House "Rap-it-Up"
Dictionary Prompt Newspaper Prompt School House Prompt
Due: Due: Due:




Literature Curriculum (Average) click here for detailed course descriptions.  Click here for the lists of literary terms and skills. For Literature classroom rules and guidelines, please click here.

Literature Textbook Access Code and Website

Lisle Community District 202 has purchased the rights for its students to access their literature textbooks online.  Below is the information you will need to access the literature textbook.

*Please note: Once you access the website, students must select LA MIDDLE SCHOOL and IL for their subject and state.  Additionally, they also must select the appropriate grade level. The access code below is only for sixth-grade students.   

Access code: 6329417-10

Monthly Class Schedule

*Please note that information and assignments may change without prior notice.

August - Nonfiction January - Greek Mythology
September - Short Stories February- Middle Ages Novel Unit (Catherine, Called Birdy)
October- Short Stories March - Middle Ages Novel Unit
November - Poetry April - Biography and Autobiography Nonfiction Unit
December - Poetry May - Literature Circles (Author Focus: Jerry Spinelli)

SSR Project Guidelines and Rubrics

Projects Due Dates for 2015 -2016: 

Quarter 1: Quarter 2:  Quarter 3:

Mini Book Rubric 

 PowerPoint Rubric

 Poster Rubric




Poetry Unit

Presentations begin: Written poem due:


Catherine, Called Birdy Handouts/Study Guides

September December March June
October January April July
November February May August/September


Catherine, Called Birdy - Middle Ages Informational Websites

Guided Research

Middle Ages for Kids

The Middle Ages Feudal Life 

Women of the Middle Ages

Middle Ages History Resources

Europe in the Middle Ages


Catherine, Called Birdy book test will begin February 2016, click the following link for the Book Test Study Guide.


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