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6th Grade Math

Power Standards

  1. Solve word problems using a variety of problem solving strategies
  2. Solve real life problems by using integers, decimals, fractions, and the appropriate order of operations
  3. Draw and analyze tables and graphs to identify relationships in data
  4. Apply formulas and develop strategies for measuring perimeter and area


7th Grade Math

Power Standards

  1. Demonstrate competency in computations with all operations of real numbers applying the order of operations
  2. Use variables to represent unknown quantities and show how variables can be used to form algebraic expressions that represent real life situations
  3. Use ratios and proportions to solve real life problems involving unit rates,scale factors, and rate of change 
  4. Apply formulas and procedures for determining the volume and surface area of prisms and cylinders


8th Grade Math

Power Standards

  1. Set up and solve linear equations and inequalities with one variable using  algebraic methods, models, and / or graphs using real life situations
  2. Evaluate simple algebraic expressions and equations for given variables
  3. Predict the probability of simple experiments and use tree diagrams, lists,tables or other models to represent possible or actual outcomes



Teacher Room Phone
Emmy Bossenga
Room 200 493-8230
Paul Kim
Room 1 493-8231

Rob McLear rmclear@lisle202.org

Room 109 493-8233
Mike Schmidt
Room 111 493-8232




      Ms. Emmy Bossenga                        Mr. Paul Kim


           Mr. Mike Schmidt                    Mr. Rob McLear

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