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School Social Work Services in District 202

Mrs. Colgan, LCSW, M.Ed.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker




Birthday:March 4
Monmouth College 
Graduate (MSW):
Loyola University Chicago
Graduate (M.Ed.Type 75): Benedictine University
Huey, the dog
Favorite color:
Favorite book:
The Red Tent
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Interests: Reading, Traveling, Organizing

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi


  • Individual therapy (for all students who are being impacted academically)
  • Groups (see below)
  • Collaboration with staff
  • Support to parents
  • 3-part grief counseling (Please contact Mrs. Colgan if you have had a recent death in the family and you would like your child to participate in some individual counseling).
  • 3-part ADHD* counseling (If your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and needs answers, please contact Mrs. Colgan.  I meet with students 3 times to discuss their current diagnosis, what it means, and how they can succeed!
  • Social/Emotional Learning in School
  • Crisis intervention
  • Check and Connect Program 

*ADHD or any new diagnosis that is new to the students: examples include autism, ocd, severe allergies, etc.

FRIENDSHIP GROUPS are run throughout the year to increase social skills and build self-esteem. Students are selected to join if their struggles are impacting their academics.  Activities include: feelings board, high/low game, and relaxation time. Group members will learn feeling words, joining skills, reciprocal conversation/play, how to stay on topic, and how to relate to others.  Subject matter varies based on group need. These groups are made up of 2 to 5 students who are in the same grade level and they are separated into boys and girls.  

STRESS BUSTERS GROUPS This is a 12-week group that meets with students who are struggling with anxiety at school.  Academics and peer issues in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades sometimes increase and this is a great group for students to participate in many activities to help them be successful.  Small groups will meet weekly to increase coping skills, identify feelings, express themselves through "I" Messages, and practicing some much needed relaxation skills.  

In district #202, we understand that learning and development occurs in all areas including socially and emotionally. There are three social/emotional learning standards (listed below) that we are responsible for developing in all children during their schooling.

Social/Emotional Learning Standards
1. Develop self-awareness & self-management skills to achieve school and life success.
2. Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships. 
3. Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.

If you have any of the following concerns (please do not feel limited to the list below) about your son or daughter, you may want to reach out to your social worker.    
1.) Doesn't want to come to school  
2.) Struggles from test anxiety 
3.) Recently diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, or something of the like  
4.) Upset often about friends (more than age appropriate)
5.) Anger outbursts that are not age appropriate
6.) Makes poor decisions 
7.) You notice a change in your child (eating habits, disengaged from activities he/she used to enjoy) 
8.) Death in the family 
9.) In need of helpful strategies to utilize at home 
10.) In need of a suggestion for an outside therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist

Please contact Mrs. Colgan at 630-493-8173.  This is a direct line and confidential.  All interactions with the social worker are confidential.  However, if a person has a plan to hurt someone, hurt themselves,or is being hurt, I must break confidentiality to keep them 
(and possibly others) safe.          

Book 2
Some of Mrs. Colgan's favorite books:
The Blue Day Book for Kids by Bradley Trevor Greive 
Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook 
What to Do When You're Scared & Worried by James J. Crist
Dinosaurs Divorce by Laurene Krasny Brown and Mark Brown
Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis
Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention by Kathleen Nadeau and Ellen Dixon
Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays! by Adolph Moser
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud

Useful Resources:

Ups for Downs, Information on Down Syndrome
Bullying Information
NADS-National Association of Down Syndrome
Autism Speaks-Autism Information
Character Counts!
Special Olympics







Updated: 9/9/13




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Schiesher Elementary 5205 Kingston Ave. Lisle, IL  60532
Phone: 630-493-8100

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