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Fluency is an essential component of reading.  Most first and second grade students think that it involves reading very, very fast! However, fluency is much more complicated than just reading quickly.  The links below offer information about fluency and ways in which you can help your child become a fluent reader.  


What is Fluency? Summer Reading and Fluency
Fluent Reading Overview Helpful Articles on Fluency


Assessing Fluency

Here at Tate Woods, we use many measures to determine students' reading fluency.  There are rubrics and checklists designed to check whether a student is reading smoothly, at the appropriate rate, and with good expression.  Running records give us an indication of how fluently students read as well.  Another way of determining a student's reading fluency is by determining how many words per minute he/she can read.  One specific assessment we use to determine students' oral reading fluency (ORF) is AIMSweb.  AIMSweb norms tell us how many words students should be reading at different times of year.  For instance, in the fall, a first grade student should be reading approximately 12 words per minute.  In the spring, a first grade student should be able to read about 60 words per minute.  Second graders should be able to read about 60 words in the fall and 102 words in the spring.  When assessing students' words per minute rate, an appropriate grade level text is utilized.   


Reading poetry is a fun way for your child to build his/her fluency.  Check out some of the links related to poetry!

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