Social Emotional Learning

Growing up is hard and children and teens today experience heightened anxiety due to a variety of factors.  As their brains and bodies rapidly change and develop, Kindergarteners and Seniors alike navigate ideas and influences, some old and some new, that shape their personal and educational path.  Add technology and social media to the list of influences and we can begin to see how what once was a closed and limited circle of influence is now an open and expansive field of ideas to negotiate.

According to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey of children ages 13 to 17, anxiety and depression are seen as major problems among peers.  This and other research highlight the need to address mental health across the school day.  Additional research shows that students need to be ready to learn before they are able to actively engage in the learning process.  With today’s influences and pressures, social-emotional learning is an essential component to the educational experience across the grade levels.  As a result, beginning in PreKindergarten, various developmentally appropriate tools, experiences, curricula, and structures are implemented to ensure our students are ready to learn.  Below is an overview of some of the supports in place at our schools for the current school year.