April 2 Referendum

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February 15, 2019

Dear Lisle School District 202 Community,

Every registered voter in our community will be asked a very important Proposition (Referendum) Question on April 2, 2019 that will impact the programs and services for Lisle District 202 students.  The Question was not put on the ballot by the District, but if the Proposition is approved by a majority of those who cast ballots, it will have a direct effect on the educational services that our District provides to our students.  The intent of this letter and future communications is to share information to help you make an informed decision on Election Day.

Illinois legislators recently adopted the Evidence Based Funding for Student Success Act to define what minimum or “adequate” resources a school needs in order to function and to direct additional money to the poorest funded school districts.  One aspect of the new law allows voters to place a binding question on the ballot of school districts with an “adequacy level” of more than 110% to decrease property taxes for Educational Purposes.  It is important to note that in Illinois, school districts range from a low of 45% of adequacy to a high of 283% of adequacy with approximately half of school districts in DuPage County exceeding the 110% adequacy level. District 202 has an adequacy level of 149% according to the Evidence Based Funding Model.

Based on information received from the Office of the DuPage County State’s Attorney on February 12, 2019, the Proposition Question on the April 2nd ballot will ask the voters to approve an approximate $1,200,000 reduction in property taxes that are used to provide programs and services to the 1,400 students in District 202.  As a result of this loss of funding, the School District will need to make decisions as to how to go forward without this revenue. At this time, we project that in order to align with the “minimums” identified in the Evidence Based Funding for Student Success Act, the District would reduce staff and services by eliminating up to 15 salaried positions, the majority of which would be teachers. These staff reductions would also cause the District to reduce the number of Advanced Placement/Honors, World Language, Band/Choir, Art, and Career/Technical Education courses.  The District would likely need to eliminate approximately 10% of athletic and extra-curricular offerings.

The Board of Education and School District are committed to providing clear, relevant, and accurate information to our community.  We invite you to learn more about the process that led to this ballot question and the financial and educational impact it will have on the future of our schools by clicking on the buttons to the right.


Meg Sima                                                                                      Dr. Keith Filipiak
Board of Education President                                              Superintendent


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