Board of Education

The Board of Education is comprised of locally elected citizens who sit in trust for their community. This elected group is charged by Illinois law and the regulations of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to provide and operate the District 202 schools within its geographical boundaries.

The function of the School Board is to set general school policy and establish guidelines that will ensure the proper administration of the District 202 programs in accordance with ISBE regulations.

Community members are invited and encouraged to attend public meetings of the District 202 Board of Education. A video archive of our Board sessions are also posted on our website.

School Board Policies

Explore the Lisle 202 School Board Policies on our online Board Policy resource.

School Board Goals

  1. Continuously monitor progress towards meeting District Goals by utilizing District Progress monitoring tools.
  2. Establish performance indicators for college and career readiness and other District Goals in collaboration with administration and District staff.
  3. Empower and evaluate the superintendent's management of the District and leadership of staff.
  4. Conduct self-evaluations and improve Board effectiveness through utilization of a District's continuous improvement process.

School Board Roles & Responsibilities

The Board of Education, or School Board, is an important partner in creating a strong school district.

Click on the links below to access important information about the roles and responsibilities of our School Board members.


All of the Board Members have successfully completed the training requirements of School Code 105 ILCS 5/10-16a.

School Board Committee Appointments

School board Committees
  • Finance – Committee of the Whole

  • Educational, Equity, Excellence (E3) – Ahlmann, Helderle, Kiener-Barnett

  • Facility Master Planning Committee - Kiener-Barnett, Nadeau, Sims

  • Policy – Committee of the Whole
School Board Members Serving on External Committees
  • Intergovernmental – Ahlmann (Alternate: Sims)
  • Professional Council – Ahlmann (Alternate: Sima)
  • Lisle Education Foundation - McConville (Alternate: Ahlmann)
  • LEND/IASB –Filipiak (Alternate: Ahlmann)
  • Home and School Association (HSO) Council – Ahlmann, McConville, Kiener-Barnett, Sima (rotating)
  • School Association for Special Education, DuPage (SASED) Board of Control - Sims (Alternate: Nadeau/Sima)
  • School Association for Special Education (SASED) Governing Board – Sims (Alternate: Nadeau/Sima)
  • Classified (CEAL) Negotiations –  McConville, Helderle (Alternate: Sima, Ahlmann)
  • Certified (LEA) Negotiations – McConville, Helderle (Alternate: Sima, Ahlmann)
  • School Improvement and Monitoring Tool Format Committee – Kiener-Barnett, Helderle (Alternate: Sima)
  • Vision 202 Facilitating Committee – Ahlmann, Helderle (Alternate: Sima)
  • Eyes to the Skies - Nadeau


(Updated September 30, 2019)

School Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Starting with the June 20,2016 Board Meeting the agenda and the public Board Packet will be displayed online using the BoardBook® program.

2019-2020 Board Highlights

2018-2019 Board Meeting Highlights

Contact the School Board

District 202 residents are welcome to present their views to the Board. Simply submit them in writing to District 202 Board of Education Members, 5211 Center Ave., Lisle, IL 60532, or via email links. Email may be sent to any and/or all members of the Board.

You may email all Board of Education members at