Welcome to the end of the first quarter and the Fall season!


During this year's "Welcome Back" meeting I shared that life often feels like it goes by too fast and that it is  important to take a few minutes each day to sit back and focus our attention on the good things we have in our lives, both personally and professionally.   As I reflected on what this means for our district, I came back to the idea that we have the unique opportunity to share students throughout their educational journeys with us.  This rare opportunity means that we truly are ONE-COMMUNITY, ONE-TEAM, and ONE-DISTRICT with ONE-PURPOSE.   With this in mind, we have created #ONEPRIDE202


#ONEPRIDE202 is an online space for our staff to share the great things we see every day; whether it's a student's "a-ha" moment, an act of kindness, or achievement, #ONEPRIDE202 is a place to share those celebrations across the District.  We have found a way to help us facilitate this exchange by using an app called #slack#slack allows us to create a Facebook-like experience where our staff can celebrate, communicate, upload photos, link to videos, and share documents and resources with each other. 


ALL staff are invited to join in this conversation!  I encourage you to share often and I look forward to seeing and sharing the amazing things that happen in your classrooms and in our district.







Each month a question or topic will be posted in #slack.  We invite you to share your ideas, tell your stories, share your memories, celebrate student and staff accomplishments…and post pictures!  Post as much and as often as you'd like and don't forget to check back often to see what people have shared.  The goal is for this conversation to grow! 


The #slack app is a closed environment and functions a lot like Facebook; you can post comments, share pictures and comment on other member's posts.  This environment also allows you to post documents and resources, too.  If you post a Google Doc, it will update in the app as you update it in the Doc – resource sharing between buildings made easy!



In order to participate, you will need to create a account. It is really easy! Just click this link  (or one of the links on the right) and set up your account. Then, you're in and ready to post! You can set up your profile picture, too!


As an extra incentive, there are prizes!  Each month, a random drawing will be held.  If you post during the month, then you will be entered into the drawing.


This first month we will have TWO drawings!

  1. Sign up! If you join #ONEPRIDE@202 in #slack, then you will be entered in the first drawing.
  2. Post!  If you add a post then you will be entered in the second drawing.

The Nitty-Gritty:


1. Go to


2. Create an account


3. Post something awesome!




When you login you will see two conversations:  #proudofstudents and #awesome in the panel on the left.  #slack calls these "channels," and they function like threads.


  • #proudofstudents – One of the special things about Lisle 202 is that we truly are #ONEDISTRICT and have the same students in common as they move through each of our schools.  Since we share students across the grades, it would be really cool to hear what's happening from year to year. 
    • So, this thread is to share proud moments of our students.  Maybe a student made a really cool connection during a lesson or hit a goal.  Perhaps a group of students accomplished a milestone together or your class did a great job on a project…Let's share those moments in this #proudofstudents channel!


  • #awesome – This channel, or thread, is for random awesome moments, ideas, celebrations, that may not specifically fall into one of the monthly questions.  We all have those really cool moments with our students, with our families, pets, you name it, and #awesome is the place to share those times with our #ONEPRIDE@202 staff community.


#slack is a free app that can be accessed via web browser, desktop app or by phone app. It was initially designed for workplace collaboration streamlining, but has many applications. #slack allows groups to set up collaboration spaces called "Channels". Take a look at this introduction video to see how it works.


We invite and encourage you to participate continuing to build our #ONEPRIDE@202 by engaging in this #ONEDISTRICT conversation!

This month the topic is #proudofstudents.  Please post and check in often to see what others have posted.  And of course, if you have other #awesome things to share, please post those too!  We look forward to chatting together!

Next month we'll post a new topic channel…stay tuned to see what that will be!


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