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Our mission is to provide quality speech-language services to children with communication disorders and give support to their families.

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At Home Games to Practice Speech and Language

Go Fish
  • You can use a regular deck of cards to review numbers, or you could use other decks of cards (can be found at Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc) that contain pictures of animals, opposites, shapes, colors, etc.
  • There are many areas to target while playing Go Fish. Here are just a few examples:
    • Practice Formulating Questions: The game gives children an opportunity to practice formulating the question “Do you have a ….” multiple times during the game.
    • Vocabulary Development: It may be easier to use a deck of cards that have pictures on them (Again, found at most stores) rather than a regular deck. Additionally, it may be easier to print, cut, and paste pictures onto 3x5’’ index cards to make your own game!
    • Articulation Practice: Again, it may be easier to print, cut, and paste your child’s speech sounds on index cards; however, you could also use a regular deck of cards and play a regular game. If you notice a speech sound error, correct and have them repeat your model.
    • Description/Definition Practice: Have your child describe the picture they want from you, e.g. Do you have an animal with feathers that flies and lays eggs?
Memory Game
  • If you have a memory game, it would be a great chance to strengthen memory skills, same/different concepts, and of course, speech sounds
Picture Walk With Books
  • Looking through a variety of picture books with your child will encourage reading, as well as targeting language and speech sounds.
  • Have your child describe the pictures they see in a book (using their “good speech sounds,” of course).
Additional Online Games

There are many websites out there to help parents work with their children at home with their speech and language. Here are just a few:

Social Language (Pragmatics) Activities

Speech and Language Information

State Foundations

Referral Form

Linda Hausler

Titles: Speech Pathologist PK-K
Locations: Lisle Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8147

Stacey Martin

Titles: Speech Pathologist 1-3
Locations: Lisle Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8151

Theresa Lauten

Titles: Speech Pathologist 4-5
Locations: Lisle Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8194

Mary Bumpus

Titles: Speech Pathologist 6-12
Locations: Lisle Junior High, Lisle High School
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8289