Lion Cub Preschool

Lion Cub Preschool is available to Lisle families with children who reside in District 202 and qualify through our screening process.


The screening process is ongoing throughout the year

Any time you have concerns about your child's development, you may contact Alisa Rannochio at (630) 493-8008 at the District Office and request that an Ages and Stages questionnaire be mailed to your home.

Additional Information about the screening process

If you would like additional information on our screening process and/or would like to request a questionnaire please call Alisa Rannochio at (630) 493-8008. Once you have completed and returned the questionnaire as directed, our staff of educational professionals will review the information and notify you of the results and any other assessments that may need to be conducted.


Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Diane and Mrs. Toby

Left to Right: Mrs. Diane, Mrs. Toby

Preschool Team

Front to Back, Left to Right: Chris Rzemieniecki (Assistant Principal of Student Services), Linda Hausler (Speech), Eileen Rydel-Boesso (Nurse), Janelle Masa (Paraprofessional), Maureen Toby (Teacher), Bethany Litchfield (Occupational Therapist), Lauren Puetz (Social Work), Diane Johnson (Teacher), Wendy Sheehee (Paraprofessional)

*Not pictured: Anna Jezyk (PreK School Psychologist) and Helen Creagan ( PreK Physical Therapist)

About Our Program

Classroom Information

Diane Johnson

Titles: Lion Cub Preschool Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8126

Maureen Toby

Titles: Lion Cub Preschool Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8123