Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based practices have long been incorporated into our students’ learning and our teaching practices.  The next step is implementing Standards-Based Reporting to clearly communicate the growth our students are making throughout the school year.

Standards-based refers to an approach to teaching, evaluating, grading, and communicating student progress.  In this approach:

  • Students demonstrate their understanding and show that they have mastered the knowledge and skills specifically identified by the standards throughout the school year.  
  • The student’s progress is communicated to students and parents by identifying how students are progressing on each identified standard.  
  • These standards, or expectations,  are set by the State of Illinois.

Utilizing this way of sharing student progress provides more detailed information to students and parents about the areas of strength and challenge.  Rather than having a letter define an endpoint for the trimester, standards based grading and reporting will share detailed, specific information about the student's progress toward the identified standards.  

Benefits of Standards Based Grading:

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