Dean's Office

Students, parents, teachers, and school officials are partners in helping to create and sustain welcoming, safe and healthy learning environments. It is Lisle 202’s expectation that our school is safe for all students throughout the school day. The Lisle High School Dean’s Office works to assist students in positive decision-making and effective problem solving to ensure our school is a place where students feel respected and valued.

LHS Parking Permits

Use of the school parking lot is a privilege for Lisle High School students. Parking for students at the high school is available, but limited. It will be available to students under the conditions listed in the Student Handbook. Students who do not meet these conditions and drive their vehicles to school are responsible for the legal parking of their vehicles on property other than school property.

Parking Permit Application

Student Forms

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Dean of Students

Jim O'Hara

Titles: Dean of Students
Locations: Lisle High School
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8304

Administrative Assistant

Michele Gansberg

Titles: Attendance/Dean's Secretary
Locations: Lisle High School
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8305