The Lisle High School Staff is committed to providing students with the education, skills, and experiences that will enable them to be successful beyond the school hallways.  We are dedicated to utilizing highly effective educational practices and high-quality resources to ensure students learn both the content that will be the basis for further study, as well as the skills that will empower them to be consumers of information, critical thinkers and effective communicators. We strive to provide each student with a program of instruction that best suits his or her needs based on scholastic abilities, vocational plans, interests, physical and mental health, and personality. In addition to the pursuit of academic strength, we strive to maintain an environment conducive to quality social and emotional development while we teach the skills students need to be healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

At all times, we promote an atmosphere in which desirable relationships among all people are encouraged and valued. We strive to reflect the nature of the community from which our students are drawn, while at the same time, exposing our students to the diversity of cultures and values in our total society and helping them adapt to the ever-changing nature of both the national and international community.