Here at Lisle Junior High School, we recognize the importance of this time in our students’ educational journey. It is with this understanding in mind that we emphasize both academic and social-emotional learning for our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. During the junior high years, our students have the opportunity to participate in expanded learning experiences in the traditional subject areas, as well as through a robust fine arts department, all while being supported in learning to effectively and responsibly manage the demands of preparing for high school and beyond.

Morning Arrival Time

For safety and security reasons, our school doors are not open until 7:30 AM each morning. Supervision of our gymnasium (where a majority of our students go to each morning), hallways, LRC, and classrooms begins at 7:30 AM. We cannot allow students to be unsupervised at any time. Please time your arrival at school with the opening of the doors at 7:30 AM or later. Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance & Absence Information

ATTENDANCE LINE: 630-493-8299

When your child is absent from school, please phone the school’s attendance line. This is available 24 hours a day. You must report the absence and the reason for the absence. Please make every effort to place the call by 8 am the day of the absence. We kindly thank you for your cooperation.

Visiting During School Hours

Per Board policy 8:30, all visitors to the school buildings during regular school hours are required to report to the Building Principal’s Office and receive permission to remain on school property.

All visitors must:
  • Sign a visitor log
  • Show identification
  • Wear a visitor’s badge
  • Submit a driver’s license to be scanned

When leaving the school building, visitors must exit the building according to school policy. On those occasions when large groups of parents and friends are invited onto school property, visitors are not required to sign in but must follow school officials’ instructions. Persons on school property without permission will be directed to leave and may be subject to criminal prosecution. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our students safe!

LJHS "Tip Line"

The Lisle Junior High School Tip Line is an anonymous phone line that allows students and/or parents to leave a voicemail message to alert school officials to incidents including, but not limited to, bullying, potential violence, use or sale of drugs, weapons in the school, or other matters directly related to our school and students. Efforts will be placed on confidentiality and concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

The purpose of this tip line is to enhance and to provide a safe and orderly school environment, stopping problems before they start, and addressing situations quickly. All we ask is that the calls are truthful, factual, and express a genuine concern that is not vindictive in nature.

The "Tip Line" number is:

available 24 hours a day

STAR Tutoring Program

The Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) Program offers academic assistance from members of our teaching staff to help students be successful in the classroom. This after school tutoring is provided at Lisle Junior High every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:10-4:50 PM.

For more information, contact the main office at 630-493-8200.

District and School Student Handbooks

District Handbook

Jr. High Addendum

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