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Exploratory Reading and Math are offered during student's exploratory period. These classes are designed to engage students and support growth in a small group format while providing additional opportunities to hone academic skills.

About Exploratory Reading

Course Description

Exploring Reading is designed for students who need to further develop their reading skills. Students are provided with reading instruction to meet their specific needs. This class will use a research-based reading intervention program Soar to Success that will help students learn to apply comprehension strategies across the curriculum. Students will read authentic literature, participate in reciprocal teaching, and create graphic organizers to accelerate reading growth. In addition to comprehension strategies, this class will also focus on vocabulary development and improving reading fluency.

  • Help students learn to apply and use comprehension strategies across the curriculum
  • Improve reading fluency
  • Further develop vocabulary and critical reading skills
  • Read for pleasure

Required Materials
  • Blue or black pen
  • Spiral notebook
  • Binder
  • Personal reading material – Must be with you everyday!
  • Assignment notebook

Student Responsibilities

  • Follow the rules according to the student handbook.
  • Students must bring proper materials to class daily. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of class participation points.
  • Be on time! You must be in your seat, quiet, and ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Be respectful! Help your classmates and yourself by respecting the rights of all students to learn.

Looking for something to read?

Check out these websites for Good Reads!
  • Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook, has a wonderful website that provides research on the importance of reading aloud to kids of all ages, and it also includes read-aloud choices of the week. This is a valuable website for parents to use as a starting point in order to get their children reading. His book is a must read for parents.
  • Guys Read is a website maintained by children’s author Jon Scieszka and it is geared toward getting boys to read. There are a collection of book titles suggested by teachers, librarians, booksellers, publishers, parents, famous male authors, and ordinary guys themselves. This is a website worth checking out by both parents and students.
  • Read Kiddo Read is author James Patterson’s site is a terrific collection of resources and is updated frequently. If you like a specific book there are also recommendations of other similar books that you may like as well.
  • Kids Reads is an excellent general book review site for keeping up with what is new in books. This site also has a monthly newsletter, activities, author interviews, a book link for boys, and series books.




About Exploratory Math

Course Description

Exploring Math is a math class that is offered as part of Lisle Junior High’s exploratory block. This small group math program provides additional opportunities for students to work with grade level math concepts as well as deepen basic math skills. Students practice math concepts as they solve problems, participate in hands-on activities, and play games that require knowledge of math skills. Additionally, students set goals, monitor their own progress, and collect and display data to show their skill knowledge over time.

  • Deepen student understanding of core math topics
  • Strengthen foundational math skills
  • Improve fact fluency Student Responsibilities
  • Follow rules according to student handbook
  • Have a positive attitude – head up, be ready to work and to learn
  • Participate & ask questions
  • Be respectful – choose actions and words that help everyone be productive and successful

Required Materials

  • Pencil – must be with you every day!
  • Math notes from core math class
  • Math book from core math class
  • Assignment notebook
  • Calculator

Since this class is in conjunction with a core math class there will be no additional homework assigned for this class.


Exploring Math uses a pass/fail grading scale. Grading is based on in-class work and participation.

Emmy Bossenga

Titles: Math Teacher, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Exploring Math Teacher
Locations: Lisle Junior High
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8230

David Dybeck

Titles: English Teacher, 8th Grade Exploring Reading Teacher
Locations: Lisle Junior High
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8226

Mary Klepper

Titles: English Teacher, 6th & 7th Grade Exploring Reading Teacher
Locations: Lisle Junior High
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8235