English as a Second Language

Lisle 202 is committed to provide quality education white meets the needs of all students. ESL services are provided to students who are new to the English language or are developing academic English skills. The intent of an English as a Second Language program is to provide the transitional program of instruction in English for eligible students. The ESL program will enable English Learners to gain proficiency in oral and written literacy skills to gain academic mastery of subject matter content and higher order skills, including critical thinking, so as to meet appropriate grade promotion and graduation requirements.

Services Provided

  • Evaluate students of non-English language background, whose home language survey upon enrollment indicate a non-English language
  • Provide ESL services to students who meet the established criteria in their home school.
  • Provide a combination of pull-out and push-in teaching approaches to deliver ESL services.
  • ESL services gradually transition from a pullout model of support to an inclusion model through an integration of services model with services being delivered in the general education classroom. All educators share the responsibility of educating our English learner student population.
  • Students continue to receive ESL services until achieve a level of exit proficiency on an annual ACCESS state assessment.
  • English Language Learner Parent Night Presentation