Second Grade Problem Solvers

Second Grade Problem Solvers
Second Grade Problem Solvers


Lisle Elementary School 2nd graders have been studying ways to help and solve problems in both our school community and the community we live in. They studied these three big ideas throughout the unit. 

  • Community needs and wants

  • Why, how, and where we save, spend and give money

  • How producers in the community meet wants and needs 

Students explored how communities and individuals solve problems. They brainstormed issues they believe are important to address in their own community and their school.  As a final project, the students created posters or writing pieces to encourage others to help the school and the community. Students visited other classrooms and shared their ideas with older and younger students. 

Ideas focused on: 

  • hallway behavior to help our learning community

  • reminders to pick up our trash to keep our PE/play area/outside environment litter free

  • a schoolwide food drive to help our local community - partnership with student council  

  • reminders that pets are a part of our community too and to donate pet supplies to support local shelters 

A note was shared to all our LES families encouraging them to get involved too. The second graders were so excited to see their work come to life and travel beyond their classroom and school walls.