PreK Learns About Pets!

PreK Learns About Pets!
PreK Learns About Pets!

Preschool has been learning a lot about pets! We read the story, "What Pet Should I Get?" by Dr. Seuss and have expanded our vocabulary by learning some facts about 10 different commonly known household pets. We practiced math concepts like patterns, position words, and sorting using all kinds of toy pets. We also read many fiction/non-fiction books and stories about pets. Students shared photos of their own pets from home.

Our community connection was made possible by Mrs. Candy Lorkiewicz, whose daughter Kim Affelt manages the Green Trails Animal Clinic in Lisle. During her visit she explained how important the job of a veterinarian is, how to care for sick pets, and how to stay safe around a pet. We are grateful for the time Kim spent with the students, and her patience in answering all of their questions!

Eye on Standards

IELDS Standards:
Social/Emotional: 31.A.EC.a: Show empathy, sympathy, and caring for others
Science: 12.B.ECa: Describe and compare basic needs of living things
Social Studies: 18.B.ECa: Understand that each of us belongs to a family, and that families vary