April 2024 Board Highlights
Board of Education Highlights

April 2024

  • Financial Projection - Lisle School District’s financial position has remained strong over the past five years. The District has experienced an average increase in OPERATING FUNDS revenue of more than 3% annually since FY2019.  Expenditures in the OPERATING FUNDS also increased by about 3% annually during the same time period. The District’s revenues and fund balances appear adequate during the projection period to cover payroll and regular bills. A portion of the District’s fund balances will be used for educational enhancements at the junior high.  Reviewing financial projections such as this on a regular basis will allow the District to determine the long-term effect of these issues and the financial decisions being made today.
  • Chesterton Academy Building Lease - Chesterton Academy of the Holy Family will continue to lease a portion of Schiesher Elementary School for their High School Program through June 30, 2027, with an annual rent of $110,000. Chesterton continues to be responsible for utilities and custodial cleaning of the leased portion of the building along with any repairs and maintenance costs over $50,000 annually. It should be noted, if the facility was vacant, the building would have to be heated in the winter and monitored on a daily basis. Having a lessee helps offset these costs and improve the monitoring and security of the facility. Additionally, the funds received from the lease will assist in offsetting the cost of demolishing all or a portion of the building in the future (if decided by the Board).
  • SASED Building Lease - Lisle 202 participates in a cooperative that helps to service our special education students and programs. Currently, the programs are housed in locations at other member district facilities. Many of the classrooms rented by the School Association for Special Education in DuPage (SASED) from member school districts will not be available during the next school year due to renovations or capacity needs of the host school district. SASED is requesting to lease seven (7) classrooms at the Schiesher Elementary Building for the 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 school years during the renovations and while they investigate long-term solutions. Chesterton Academy is supportive of the shared space plan. As with the Chesterton lease,  the funds received from the lease will assist in offsetting the cost of demolishing all or a portion of the building in the future (if decided by the Board). The Board will review and vote on the proposed lease agreement at the May Board meeting.
  • Summer School Overview - Each school has determined the summer school option for its student population. Lisle Elementary School will continue to offer the self-paced iReady reading and mathematics modules to all students this summer. This supports students in maintaining their academic skills to be ready for the next grade level. Lisle Junior High School will offer a three-week in-person session in June, provided by invitation to students with the greatest need of targeted work within specific deficit learning areas. Nineteen (19) students participated in the programs last summer and received support toward meeting essential learning standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. In addition to the in-person summer school opportunity, the self-paced online iReady reading and mathematics modules will be available to all students this summer. Lisle High School will offer three summer school options again this year: Credit Recovery, advancement courses, and Driver Education. These options offer targeted opportunities for students according to their needs.
  • Board Officers for 2024-2025 - The Board selected the officers for the 2023-2024 school year.
    • President: Pam Ahlmann
    • Vice-President: Dan Helderle
    • Recording Secretary: Randee Sims
  • Committee Appointments - The Board of Education determined committee appointments. All committees are posted on the Board of Education page of our website.
  • Board Member Resignation - Mrs. McConville submitted her resignation to the Board, effective April 22, 2024. The Board of Education and School District wish to thank Mrs. McConville for her many contributions and thirteen years of dedicated service to our students, staff, and community. As a result of this vacancy, Lisle District 202 will be seeking residents who would like to be considered for appointment to the Board of Education to serve the remainder of Mrs. McConville's term through April 2025. Candidate application information will be shared in the coming weeks.