LES Has March Madness!
March Book Madness - kids laying down in a line reading books


March Madness is in full swing at LES...well at least March Book Madness for reading! Here's how it works...over the past several weeks, students were introduced to a 16 book bracket, similar to the brackets used for the March Madness college basketball tournament. During the first two weeks of March books faced off in a "game" and students at LES voted on their favorite book. The winning books then faced off in the "Elite 8", followed by the "final four", and finally, the championship game is the week before Spring Break and determines the winner.

This has become an annual LES event that brings students together across different classrooms across grade levels and encourages students to talk about books and read together. Teachers read the books to their classes, friends read the books together, and even buddy classes read the books in the brackets together! After a lot of reading and fun, the LES winner was chosen...this year's champion is Finding Winnie by Lindsey Mallick.