LES Presents the 4th & 5th Grade Music Programs
students playing the xylophone

Our Fourth & Fifth Graders delighted audiences with the return of their music program on February 2nd. The fourth grade music program, "Let's Go On a Journey," was a collection of songs from our 4th grade music curriculum.  Songs from Ireland, Mongolia, Nigeria, Australia, Argentina, and the United States offered a musical journey around the world.  Each student was able to choose a featured part such as a speaking part, dance, solo, recorder, or percussion instrument.

The fifth grade program, "Sun Wishes" was based on the book by Patricia Storms and Milan Pavolvic.  Student narrators read the book, and the 5th graders performed songs related to the sun, sky, or weather.  The songs included a classical piece by Jean Sibelius, a song and dance of the Zuni Native American people, and classic popular songs by the Beatles, Harry Belafonte, and Thomas Rhett.  Several students provided the accompaniment to the music with xylophones, drums, and other percussion instruments. Some students also had the opportunity to sing a solo or with a small group.