LHS Seniors Earn Biliteracy Recognition
Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy Infographic

Lisle High School is #LionProud to recognize 31 seniors who earned either the State Seal of Biliteracy or Commendations of Biliteracy!

State Seal of Biliteracy Commendations of Biliteracy


Norbert L.


Tal K.


Tyler A.
Gianna C.
Anna G.
Amara G.
John G.
Erin H.
Kayleigh H.
Kassandra L.
Ava M.
Jennifer S.
Jasmine SG.
Brooke T.
Lily T.
Miette T.


Sam R.


Jack A.
Herbert B.
Audrey C.
Veronica C.
Joseph C.
Jose D.
Maxwell E.
Agustina HS.
Mason K.
Tal K.
Abigail L.
Jude P.
Nicholas S.
Morgan T.



The State Seal of Biliteracy is a recognition given by a district/school to graduating high school students who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in English and in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in another language. In Lisle 202, any student enrolled in French or Spanish class Level 3 or higher, or, is proficient in another language (other than English), is eligible to take the Illinois State language test during their junior or senior year. Students who earn the State Seal of Biliteracy are eligible to earn college credit, scholarships, and/or honors recognition. The Seal is also recognized on the high school transcript and diploma.