New Elementary School Info

On September 26, 2016, after careful consideration, the Lisle Board of Education selected the Meadows site for a new Early Childhood through Fifth Grade school to replace the current aging elementary facilities. There were a number of influencing factors, but as a result of the extensive and valued community input, as well as the professional data collection process, the Board of Education is confident that the Meadows site, which is already owned by the District, is the most prudent location to create a learning environment that will serve Lisle 202 elementary students for generations to come.

Over the course of five community engagement sessions during the Vision 202: Chapter 2 community engagement process from January-May 2016, the School District shared information about the state of each of the district facilities in terms of physical condition as well as each building’s ability to support educational delivery. More than 180 participants learned that the Junior High and High Schools are in good condition. While there are some improvements that are needed or suggested, these items will not require a significant capital investment. The District will be able to complete many of these improvements over the next few years.

However, the situation is different when considering the elementary schools. Based on the facilities review, the architects determined that there are costly improvements that must be made to the physical structure at these facilities over the next ten years. It was also determined that there are a number of recommended adjustments to optimize the learning environments at both schools in order to best meet the needs of today’s teaching and learning.

After considering all the information and options, the majority of Vision 202 community participants recommended that the Board of Education consider replacing the current elementary buildings with one new Early Childhood-5 Elementary School at the Meadows location.

Over the 2016-2017 school year, Lisle 202 began working with architects from Perkins & Will to continue essential research and begin the planning process for the new facility. After an extensive planning and design process, the groundbreaking for Lisle Elementary School was held in May, 2018.  Construction continues at a quick pace and the District anticipates the school to be open for the 2019/2020 school year. Information about the progress of the project will be shared throughout the process.

This is a decision that has been made with great care and consideration for our students, staff, and community. On behalf of the Lisle Board of Education, we thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the new school be named?

The new school will be named Lisle Elementary School.

where will the school be located?

Lisle Elementary School will be located in the Meadows subdivision.

When will the new school open?

The school is anticipated to open for the 2019-2020 school year.

What grades will the new school serve?

Lisle Elementary School will serve students in Early Childhood through fifth grade and will replace the current elementary schools..

What will happen to the other elementary schools?

Tate Woods Elementary School is being sold and the Board of Education is exploring options for the Schiesher building.

what measures have been put in place to address water on the site?

The new Lisle Elementary School design carefully considers water control as part of the site building plan unlike when the original school was built.  In 2018, there are specific countywide ordinances that determine requirements for managing storm water.   These ordinances prohibit the new building from negatively impacting the surrounding area.  In order to ensure compliance with the requirements, the County Storm Water Management representatives reviewed and approved the specific solutions included in the Lisle Elementary School building plan prior to construction.

The new school will have two storm water detention storage areas.  In addition, the grading, or slope, around the site is designed to direct storm water on the school’s grounds to these detention areas.  Previously, all storm water that was not absorbed into the soil was uncontrolled and flowed over the land into the creek.  With the new Lisle Elementary School, water during heavy rain events will be collected and controlled in the storage areas, and then slowly released into the creek to the east to avoid overwhelming the area with runoff.  While it may seem intuitively that a bigger school on site would result in more storm water challenges, the reality is the construction of the school, with the storm water management systems put in place which did not exist with the previous school, will improve the storm water issues in that immediate area. It does not mean all the storm water issues for the entire area will be resolved, but it will improve upon the previous condition.

Lisle Elementary School Virtual Tour

Lisle Elementary School Groundbreaking Celebration

Lisle Elementary School Groundbreaking

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, almost 200 community members came out to the Groundbreaking Celebration to honor the past and celebrate the future!  The celebration began with the Boy Scout Pack 108 leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Girl Scout Service Group 529 sharing a poem.  Since the new school is for the students, each child in the crowd had the chance to take one of the first ceremonial scoops of dirt rather than the traditional groundbreaking first digs being done by administration and officials.

Families and community members had a wonderful time participating in the various “last time” activities including running the bases, shooting in the basketball hoop, rolling down the hill and touring the school.  Thanks to the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District, kids had the chance to sit in the LWFD ladder truck and check out the inside of an ambulance, thank you to the DuPage Sherriff’s Department for bringing Praise, one of the K-9 unit dogs and the Lisle Police Department for bringing a car, too.  Everyone also had the opportunity to enjoy a sweet treat from the ice cream truck courtesy of the LEHSO!

Lisle District 202 would also like to send a special thank you to the sponsors that contributed to making this day possible:  Elan Photography, Allegra Printing of Lisle, Jewel of Lisle, the LEHSO and a private donation from a Lisle citizen.