Back to School!

Back to School!
Back to School!

This week is an exciting time for our families!  We know it will look different than in the past, but the first day of school is still a big day for our students, parents, and staff.  Our staff has been working hard to prepare to engage, challenge, and welcome our students just as they would if our first day was a traditional start to the school year and we look forward to seeing everyone online!

The Remote Learning environment will be different than it was in the Spring.  The curriculum will be delivered as it would be in the physical classroom, with a focus on the priority learning standards identified by the Illinois State Board of Education for this time in our history.  You can expect that your child will:

  • Experience a rigorous curriculum

  • Learn new content and skills aligned to the Illinois State Standards

  • Engage in discussions, activities, and projects that will be assessed and be counted toward the building’s grading standards

  • Receive feedback from the teachers on learning progress

Though we are starting the year remotely, we hope to bring our students back into the physical classroom when the data shows it is safe for everyone to return together.  In the meantime, we are ready to welcome our students and support them regardless of the space in which we gather together.

We have created some resources to support our students and parents during Remote Learning.  Here is a quick look:

  • The Lisle 202 Online Guide to Educational Technology - This is a site with a plethora of information about the technology resources your students will be using both in Remote Learning and in the classroom.  The website is linked on the “Return to School” page of our website.

  • Google Classroom Getting Started Quick Tutorials - We have linked a few getting started quick tutorial videos on the “Return to School” page of our website.  There are also many more located on the Lisle 202 Online Guide to Educational Technology site (also linked on the Return to School page).

  • Tech Support - Our Tech Team is ready to support our families.  If your student has any issues or questions, please first contact Tech Support for help in resolving the problem, then let the teacher know if necessary.  The Tech Support Form is linked on the “Return to School” page of our website.

  • Drive-up Tech Support - Our Tech Team will also offer drive-up/drop-off tech support on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:30-3pm to start the school year at each school.  Please only come to the school for tech assistance during these times and remain in your car.  Click here for details.

We would like to remind our families of a few logistical items:

  • Attendance - If your child cannot participate in the online learning schedule for a day, please call the attendance line for the school to indicate the absence.  Attendance will be taken according to building attendance procedures.  School attendance line information can be found here.

  • Lunch Service - Lunch service will be offered beginning on Wednesday.  Lunches may be picked up at Lisle High School from 11am-1pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Students must have a Lisle 202 Lunch Card to receive meals.  Lunch cards were distributed at each building during chromebook/supply pick up.  We will not be accepting cash curbside.  Lunch fees must be paid in MySchoolBucks prior pick-up.  The August Lunch Menu can be found on the School Lunch Program page of our website. Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch will be served according to the State Guidelines.

    • Lunch Cards will be available at Lisle High School during lunch service if your student did not receive/pick-up their lunch card.

    • If you are in need of applying for the Free/Reduced Lunch Plan, please click here for information.


As you prepare for the first day of school on Wednesday, we would like to recommend a few things for your preparations.  Please click here for a few quick suggestions!