Students residing in excess of one and a half (1 1/2) miles from their attendance center or who reside within an approved hazardous area are eligible for transportation services by the District. Information is available at each school, at registration, and at the Central Office regarding whether or not students qualify for the transportation service.

Schiesher students and parents in bus circle

Bus Routes

High School

Junior High

LJHS AM/PM Bus Routes

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Elementary Bus Routes

Lisle Elementary Office (8:00am-4:00pm): 630-493-8100
Central Office (after 4:00pm): 630-493-8000
Westway Coach Bus Company (after 4:00pm):  630.783.8710


  • AM and PM bus routes are provided in this mailing. Please review and choose a stop that is convenient for your family.

  • NEW!Stops will not be added to these routes.  They have been designed to provide bus stops that are distributed strategically throughout the district to ensure the most efficient route taking into consideration the number of children and the length of time for each route.  There will no longer be specific house stops on our routes. Any specific addresses on the routes denote an address that is a general mid-block stop.

  • Students are expected to follow the bus rules in order to stay safe.  Please discuss this important item with your child.  

  • Bus routes may run long during the first two weeks of school.  Please remember that if there is any problem or concerns with a bus, you will be contacted immediately.  Otherwise, you can know that your child is on the bus and safe while the route is running long.  

  • NEW! Students in PK, K, 1st and 2nd grade must have someone over age 18 meet them at the bus stop in the afternoon. Bus  drivers will be told to only release students in these grades to a responsible adult. Any child that does not have an adult to meet them will be returned to school and will need to be picked up there.  This is for the safety of your child.

  • Please plan to arrive at your bus stop 10 minutes earlier that the documented time during the first two weeks of school.  

  • If you have questions regarding bus service, please contact our school office first at 630-493-8100. If we cannot assist you, we will refer you to the bus company, Westway Coach.  Contact information for both school and Westway Coach can be found on our Lisle Elementary School website under Transportation.

  • Parents may not board the bus at any time.  If there are concerns, please contact the school and we will assist you.

  • The front few seats on each side of the bus will be reserved for students attending our Lion Cub Preschool  program. All older students should ride in seats behind the preschoolers for the first week.  

  • Assigned bus seats will be provided for ALL students during the first two weeks of school.

  • Students MUST ride in their assigned seats at all times before and after school. They may not change seats as the bus moves along the route.  Bus drivers have been directed to maintain assigned seats at all times.

Buses leave Lisle Elementary at 3:20pm. Although we do our very best to maintain an on-time schedule, buses may sometimes run late, especially during the first weeks of school, in inclement weather and on early dismissal days. If you would like late bus status information, please do the following:

  • Like Us on Facebook - Lisle Elementary School on Facebook and watch for updates
  • Check email – late bus information is sent from LISLE DISTRICT 202
  • Be patient - if there is ever a safety concern, you will be notified immediately. Most often, the students are safe on the bus and the route is taking longer than normal because:
    • Previous route ran late 
    • Driver is a substitute and less familiar with the route

If you have questions regarding bus service, please contact our school office first at 630-493-8100. If we cannot assist you, we will refer you to the bus company, Westway Coach.


Bus Company Information

Bus Company

Westway Coach

After Hours Bus Info Line



Scheduling & Routing Information

District 202 contracts all of its bus services. Schedules and routes are developed by the bus company and then are reviewed and approved by the District. Where possible, centralized pick-up points are used to optimize efficiency. Bus stops are based on density and walk/ride distances are determined according to the concentration of riders in an area, the degree of traffic, the presence of traffic controls and bus turn-around requirements. Whenever possible, stops are at the intersections. School buses may not enter private roads, dead ends, cul-de-sacs or non-dedicated streets.

Route and schedule information is available at registration. In order to reduce confusion, routes and schedules from the previous year will be followed as closely as possible at the beginning of the new school year.

Students should be at their stops approximately ten minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. Due to road construction and varying traffic problems, the buses may have difficulty in meeting scheduled stop times at the start of the year. Your patience as we work to resolve problems is appreciated.

Transportation Exceptions

All pupil transportation is provided daily from assigned bus stops to school and return. Students are required to meet the bus and depart at the assigned stops. Exceptions to this requirement must have prior approval from the building principal. Only students who meet the eligibility requirements for bus services are allowed to ride to and from school.

Student Safety & Conduct

All pupils receive information regarding safety practices and riding rules and regulations. Through instruction at both school and home, safety and compliance with the rules should be stressed.

Transportation Concerns

Initial transportation concerns should be brought to the attention of the bus company to address concerns regarding routing, scheduling, or service.