Students residing in excess of one and a half (1 1/2) miles from their attendance center or who reside within an approved hazardous area are eligible for transportation services by the District. Information is available at each school, at registration, and at the Central Office regarding whether or not students qualify for the transportation service.

Bus Company Information

Tate Woods Bus Routes

Schiesher Bus Routes

AM/PM Bus Routes




Laws Regarding School Buses in Traffic

Drivers are reminded that Illinois State Law requires that you must stop before meeting or overtaking a school bus loading or unloading passengers as indicated by the flashing red lights and extended stop signal. You must remain stopped until the stop signal arm is no longer extended and the flashing lights are turned off.

This law applies to when our school buses have their stop arms out in the morning when students are dropped off and after school when the buses are loading. Penalties include a fine of $150 and a three month drivers license suspension.

Schiesher Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

We encourage parents/guardians to let their children walk or take the bus to and from Schiesher as much as possible. If a parent transports their child to and from school, the following procedures should be followed:

AM Drop Off

  • Pull into the parking lot across the street from Schiesher, park, let the children out of the car safely, along the sidewalk and allow them to cross Kingston with the crossing guard.
  • Please use caution when driving through the lot as students will be present.
  • Children must be escorted in the parking lot if let out of the car in a parking space.

PM Pick Up

If you are picking up your child at the end of the school day, please park in the Kingston parking lot and wait there for your child. Children will be escorted across the street by the crossing guard. Children may not walk in the parking lot without an adult escort.

Handicap parking is available in all three Schiesher Elementary parking lots.

In the morning if a parent needs to come into the building we ask that you arrive prior to 8:30 or after 8:45 and park in the interior parking lot closest to door 1. The same applies if a parent/guardian needs to come into the building after school, please use the interior parking lot and plan to arrive earlier than 3:15 or after 3:30.

Schiesher Safety & Parking Lot Rules

  • From 8:25 – 8:45 A.M. and 3:10 – 3:30 P.M. there will be no vehicle access to the parking lot on the north side of the school.
  • The back parking lot of the school is for employees only. This is not to be used as a drop-off area for students and therefore is closed.
  • If students are late to school they must enter through door 1 and report to the office to sign in prior to going to class.
  • Please use the Kingston parking lot for long-term parking when visiting the school.
  • The circle drive area is for school buses ONLY. Do not park or drop off in this area.

Tate Woods Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

We request that parents/guardians allow their children to use the bus transportation provided for students. If a parent/guardian must transport their child to and from school, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Children are to be dropped off in the parking lot on the south side of Middleton Avenue across the street from the school. See the arrival and dismissal times below.
  • Children are to be picked up in the lane in front of the school beginning at 3:05 daily. Drivers and passengers should remain in their cars and students should enter on the passenger side.
  • The students must cross the street with the crossing guard.

Tate Woods Safety & Parking Lot Rules

  • Parents/guardians arriving at any times other than the official arrival and dismissal times should park in the parking lot and check in at the school office.
  • Do not park in the bus zones.
  • For the safety of the children, do not allow them to cross the street by themselves.

**Students attending Tate Woods School are not permitted to ride bicycles to and from school.