Activities and Clubs

Lisle Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and clubs beginning in the third grade.


The 5th Grade Band is an extremely popular organization for Lisle Elementary students to participate.  82% of 5th Grade students over the past six years have joined the band. Mr. Phillip Meyer teaches all band lessons during the school-day as well as full band rehearsals on Tuesdays after school. Mr. Scott Gumina assists with the Tuesday after-school rehearsals. The Fifth Grade band performs three concerts per year: one in December, one in March, and one in May. There is also an optional showcase night in April.


Choosing an Instrument

All students will see and hear each band instrument in a demonstration assembly on Tuesday, August 21. Beginning the following day, each student will meet with Mr. Meyer individually and have the opportunity to try out 3-4 instruments of their choice! A letter will then be mailed home with the recommended instrument choice for your son or daughter.


Registration will take place on Thursday, September 6th from 4-7 PM in the Lisle Elementary Band Room. This is where you can officially sign your child up for band. You will be able to rent instruments and supplies from our music dealer Quinlan and Fabish. Please come any time at your convenience during these hours. Mr. Meyer and Mr. Gumina will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Band Lessons

  • Each student will be placed in a small group with 2-3 other students who play their same instrument.
  • Each group will meet once per week for 30 minutes beginning the week of September 10th.
  • Each group’s lesson will always be the same day of the week but lesson times will rotate from week to week so students will not have to miss the same portion of class in consecutive weeks. For example, if Flute Group #1 meets at 10:00 one Tuesday, they would meet at 10:30 the following Tuesday and so on. Students will receive monthly schedules with their lesson times.

After School Rehearsals

After-school band rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, November 6th and continue every Tuesday school is in session until May 7th. Due to space constraints at Schiesher, students will be bussed to the High School band room directly after school and will rehearse until 4:30 PM. These rehearsals are extremely important as they are the only opportunity for the full band to rehearse together in the same room. More specific information about these band rehearsals will be mailed home to all band students in October.


Click the following links for helpful Band resources.

Lisle Band FAQ




Each year in Kindergarten, Third grade, Fourth grade, and Fifth grade music classes, the students and will engage in a variety of music activities. These activities will include:

  • singing
  • movement
  • music games
  • playing instruments
  • improvising
  • composing
  • performing a music program

Kindergarten students have one 30-minute music classes per week, and 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have two 30-minute music classes per week.


Lisle Elementary 4th and 5th grade students also have an opportunity to join the chorus, which meets before school two days a week from 7:50-8:35am. Fourth grade chorus meets Mon. & Wed. mornings and 5th grade chorus meets Tues. & Friday mornings.   For chorus enrollment information please click here.  Students may take the morning Junior High bus to attend Chorus.



Computer Club

Computer Club will be offered for two eight-week sessions this school year, and will take place in the LRC Computer Lab.

Computer Club will meet from 3:15-3:55 on the dates sent home in the Computer Club Letter. Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation home following Computer Club dismissal. If you are unable to pick up your child by 4:00pm, please make other arrangements for your child.

Talent Show

Information TBD