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Each classroom holds an election to elect one representative and one alternate. These elected students make up our Schiesher School Student Council. Our Student Council works together to support school spirit and promote service projects during the school year. To find out more about the Schiesher Student Council, what we do and who we are, click on the sections to the right.

Purposes of Student Council

There are several purposes of Student Council:

  • to develop self-esteem and leadership skills in all of our students
  • to develop a working knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in our democratic society
  • to develop a sense of pride and commitment to our school through curricular and spirit activities
  • to encourage the involvement of our school in community service projects.

Election Information

  • In early September, all students interested will have the opportunity to run for Student Council.
  • Student Council elections will be held within each homeroom, and the winner will go on to represent his or her class.
  • The runner up in this election will serve as the alternate and will be asked to attend meetings throughout the first half of the year and fill in as needed.
  • If your student is interested, he or she will need to have a short speech prepared prior to the election.
  • Your child’s teacher will announce the date of the election and any details specific to the classroom.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or your child’s teacher.

Election Guidelines

  • Students should prepare and practice a short speech prior to the election.
  • Students may not hand out candy, treats, or any types of prizes as part of the election, or make promises they are not sure they’ll be able to keep. (Example: I promise extra recess.)
  • Posters, presentations or visual aides may be used as part of a speech.
  • Please ask your homeroom teacher for the date of your class election.

Important Information

  • Each homeroom elects one representative and one alternate to be in the Council in grades 3-5.
  • Student Council meetings are held at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday mornings.
  • Because we are an active and involved group, we will meet every week throughout most of the year.
  • There is an early bus (the junior high bus) that any Student Council member may take on Thursday mornings. If your child is elected, the bus routes will be sent to you.


  • Winter Clothes Collection
  • Pasta For Pennies
  • Scentsy
  • Other events during the course of the school year

Student Council Sponsor

Dena Hicks

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher, Student Council Sponsor
Locations: Schiesher School
Phone Numbers:
School: 630-493-8142