Tate Woods students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular classes each week as follows:

  • Art - one time each week
  • Library/Technology - one time each week
  • Music - two times each week
  • Physical Education - three times each week

Tate Woods Artwork




Physical Education

Each year in First and Second grade the students will engage in a variety of Physical/Health related activities.

These activities include:

  • Developing competency in movement skills:
    • Locomotor - walking, galloping, skipping, hopping, fleeing, chasing, and dodging
    • Non-manipulative - twisting, turning, stretching, balancing, rolling, jumping, and landing
    • Manipulative - throwing, catching, dribbling, punting, kicking, striking
  • Participating in health activities such as using pedometers to track walking steps and performing short distance jogging (1/4 mile)
  • Follow rules and safety procedures in class
  • Display teamwork and good sportsmanship toward one another
  • Soccer (dribbling, passing, kicking)
  • Tag Games (dodging, fleeing, chasing)
  • Striking (hitting with a paddle or racket and displaying proper arm/foot position)
  • Team Building/Partner activities (Communication, Sharing Ideas, Confidence)
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